Creating a performance based and accountability team culture

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Teamwork interventions are used in the nurturing of team spirit, group understanding and personal people skills. The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge has a long-lasting effect on self and team motivation.

The theory that a common goal can be reached if a team can focus together is put into practice in various team projects. Regardless of colour, creed, values and political beliefs, individuals pull together to navigate through team projects of varying difficulty. While they are often awestruck at the tasks when they begin, their pride is equally overwhelming when they find that, together, they can conquer and succeed.


Each member of the team, whether fit or not, is able to play an active role in some way. Team projects are included in courses where teamwork is a focus

outdoor activities
Optional Day Trips & Overnight Camps

Activities are perfectly safe for the laymen and are supervised. All equipment is included and professional guides ensure safety and the best fun!

Personal Coaching

A service that is situational – to assist individuals with conflict resolution, personal direction, marriage counselling, strategic advice and facilitation of sensitive interventions.