Client Testimonials

Congratulations !!! My compliments on the way you conducted the session on Friday. Never have I seen a man who captures 160 people for a whole day....keeping them glued onto him and alert!!!! I really congratulate you...In fact I congratulate conco for the milestone that was reached on Friday. Thank you, you really made a difference in our lives as a company. Just a few comments that I have heard about the session: "Great stuff!!!” " Friday was life-changing for was not just about work, it was about life" " Good job on getting the best and relevant man for the Session" " ..Please tell me what I can do to be involved in the company's initiatives" " After Friday, anything that is POSITIVE has my name on it!!" Thanks for making this happen. We are on a journey and you have helped us cross one BIG river.....we will need to keep in touch so we can plan on our way forward. Warm Regards Bathobile Gule
Bathobile GuleEmployee Relations - Coca-Cola Swaziland
Good day, I am sure you receive regular responses via e mail on your courses. BUT, I want to let you you that you made a difference in my life. I am sure with your knowledge of people you could see that I am the typical "go getter" person, that strive to be successful and happy and make the most of life. Life is good to me, and I thank the Lord every day for granting me these opportunities and blessing me with so much. I have a most wonderful life story. I have attended many courses and many motivations previously, BUT yours were the very first that I enjoyed right up to the end. I am busy studying the material you gave us in class. I bought the Barly products, and is feeding that to my husband, who is suffering from very severe gout, as well. We are feeling so much more alive and so much more energetic. I exercise 5 days of the week, and just could not keep it up any more for the past two weeks. I felt tired all the time. WE made some changes in our stress management and decided that we are truly spending money on the wrong end of our bodies. Thank you for the material that you send through to us, we will surely be studying some of those. I love my job, and know I am good at it, but if Standard bank does not need me anymore, I will knock on your door, to teach me how to motivate people, like you do. Thank you, may God bless you!
Alet Standard Bank
“Wat jou sessie betref kan ek net sê, wat n waardevolle en leersame dag. Die ou spreekwoord se mos n mens is nooit te oud om te leer nie, Ek sou wat wou gee om die tipe van sessies vroeёr in my lewe te kon bywoon. Ek het soveel inligting uit die sessie gekry wat my as mens en bestuurder sterker gemaak het dat die dag te kort was en ek net meer en meer wou hoor. Die manier hoe jy jou aanbieding struktueer en aangebied het , het ek ook nooit die gevoel gekry dat ek wens jy wil nou ophou praat nie . Ek sien uit na die volgende sessie wat beloof om net so interessant te wees Sterkte en voorspoed met al jou planne”
Lukas FerreiraVerspreidingsbestuurder - NND 24
Hi Collin I thought about you last week and how much you have done for our people in terms of the extent to which they enjoy your courses and intended to send you an email saying how much I appreciate it. When I saw you this morning it may have seemed that I complimented you on impulse which really wasn’t the case! So, here you go - we appreciate the quality of your interventions and the impact that it makes on the bright young things in our business! I hope that 2009 is a cracker year for you!
Alison ZweersHR Director SPAR Lowveld Distribution Centre
Good morning Collin I just wanted to let you know, I did it this morning. I woke up at 05:55 and I prayed and said what I was greatful for. Then I put on my running shoes and went around the block. I walked the first half of the block and the other half I ran. When I got back I ran up and down the stairs for about 5 min. My body is still in pain from Saturday, but it's not as bad as yesterday morning. Thank you so much for the encouraging words you said. They made me do alot of introspection in my live personally, and spiritually. Like I said, the "small steps" thing just came exactly at the time when I needed to hear it. You're a great man of God, and I appreciate every minute that I got to spend in your company. Take care. I'll chat to you on Wednesday again to update you.
Tumi BenjaminVolksblad
Hello Collin Thank you for the wonderful training we received last week. The course Persuasive Leadership has had a great impact on me. Kavitha (our in house Bollywood star) & I chatted about the training last week and we have realized that the course has built up our self confidence, self esteem and self worth…it’s amazing. Please keep up this wonderful work that you are doing…. Thank you again
Sunitha SylvesterNMI Durban South Motors
Dear All It was a life changing experience being around all of you; and i just know that we were brought together for a reason. I experienced the power of God working in my life through all of you. I left a different person that Friday and I will never be the same again. I echo Saiza’s words, 'you are very special people', each in her/his own unique way. It was a great priviledge to meet all of you. I bought the Louise Hay's 'you can change your life' DVD; Its truly inspiring. My husband is very big on personal development and motivational DVDs, audios and books. He has tried unsuccessfully over the years to convert me. However since Friday, all has changed. I now have tens of his audios on my ipod. Collin - thank you, you are gifted! Thank you all and may God continue to bless you.
Nthabiseng NgozwanaIlangabe Lase Africa
Dear James, On behalf of Rob and his marketing team we would just like to thank you for a fantastic day on Friday at Woodridge, EVERYONE has commented and said what an amazing day it was. We all thoroughly enjoyed your humour and your amiable personality !!! Please would you be so kind to remember to forward the information that you said you would share with us with regards to the different personality styles, everyone’s waiting anxiously for the info.
Charlene Cross for Rob ListerThe SPAR Group Ltd