Personal Leadership and Motivation

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Successful individuals / companies are constantly searching for tools, which will give them the edge in what they do. We discuss proven techniques, which will assist in bolstering both workplace and personal performance.

Discussions will focus on global best practices, managing change, better time utilisation, creating a common culture, the challenges facing effective communication processes in the modern world and how to increase productivity by making maximum use of human capital.

This course covers the following:

improving performance
Creating new growth curves

Change your energy levels – change your life

Managing thought processes


Building Lasting Relationships


  • Develop the attitude and motivation to go the extra mile
  • Gain a better self-understanding
  • Understand the benefits of effective personal leadership
  • Enhance current levels of health and wellness
  • Acquire the tools which assist in building lasting relationships
  • Build self confidence and improve assertiveness
  • Improve the overall commitment of all people and to accept the concept of quality, productivity, responsibility and accountability
  • Have fun

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