Your eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, exercising, thinking, feeling and stressing behaviours largely determine your long term health, longevity, personal effectiveness and performance.

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This is a half day corporate wellness program, facilitated in small groups, but designed to meet the specific needs of each participant through an engaging & interactive process that can positively impact the health & well-being of the individual. Added to this, the medium & long term benefits to the organisation can be significant, as much as 600% ROI.

wellness program

Benefits to the individual

improved health
Improved health, vitality & performance

improved wellbeing
Improved mental & physical wellbeing

Reduced healthcare costs

Ongoing communication & access to a cutting edge mentoring & coaching process

Access to accredited service providers, wellness programmes & products

Incentives & rewards for leading a healthy lifestyle & reducing health risk

Benefits to the organisation

Reduced healthcare costs

improving performance
Increased productivity

Reduced absenteeism

Reduced staff turnover (improved retention)

positive roi
Positive ROI

Increased loyalty & motivated work force

Prior to the wellness program, each individual completes HealthCheck™, a comprehensive online health & well-being assessment. HealthCheck™ is a unique, scientifically validated assessment tool, available exclusively to our programmes, & is the first step in the Personal Health & Well-being Optimisation

Before HealthCheck™ can be completed, each participant will be given a Health Report after specific measurements have been taken by either the programme Biokineticist or Nurse. These measurements include height, weight, girth, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose & cholesterol & are required for completion of HealthCheck™.

During the programme a self-exploratory, experiential process is followed. During this process, each participant examines & evaluates their eating, drinking, exercising, stressing, thinking, feeling & sleeping behaviours through various modules that are presented.

Statistics show that a healthy organisation increases employee morale, improves the ability to attract and retain key people & at the same time having more engaged and productive employees

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