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Practical and customised programmes which will help delegates understand what makes great leaders

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Leadership ability is not necessarily a gift which is only found in certain human beings, it is a skill, which can be developed and honed with understanding practice and commitment.

leadership training

Our leadership training programmes aim to

Equip the participants with practical skills and knowledge to understand the principles of both personal and situational leadership

Acquire tools which will assist in areas such as time management, delegation, resource management and strategic thinking

Significantly improve the communication skills abilities of all participants

Implement the acquired skills and knowledge in the workplace. By doing this they will become confident leaders who will be able to support management to achieve the goals of the organization.

The main focus will be: HARD on standards, but SOFT on people.

We explore the following

The Five Components Of EQ

Understanding the importance of EQ in leadership (proven to be more important than IQ) and how to apply it daily. Great leaders constantly work on their own personal growth and this puts them in a better position to inspire and guide others.

Effective Communication

During challenging times, the first thing that needs to be increased drastically across the board is communication. Tips on how to promote and maintain the desired communication processes in the workplace

The Five Levels of leadership

Nurturing and growing others requires the ability to let go of EGO. We discuss practical ways of moving one’s self to the level 5 leadership level – the kind of leader who people follow because of what they are rather than what they say or pretend to be

Leading Change

How to guide a team through the rapids of major change in an organisation

How to join the 2% Club

How to create and sustain a “possibility thinking” mind-set during times of extreme negativity and uncertainty

The Service Culture Model

Why and how and how do we align our strategy to this model


How do we put all the above into practice.

We prepare for the format of these courses through in-depth discussions and consultation with you, in order to incorporate the specific needs of your group

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